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the moon landing was the day before yesterday 👩‍🚀🚀🌜

Everything that is today can be relativized tomorrow. The intellectual achievements in a discipline take on exactly this character, because what was up to date yesterday is already old today and will not be interesting tomorrow.

To keep you at the top of the league every week, you'll get a quick overview of the latest news and facts in a short review so you can join in the discussion tomorrow.

Remember, just because a knowledge domain seems to have been established for a long time, it does not even suggest that it represents the best possible knowledge - it's ultimately just proof that no one has yet scientifically rebelled. It is therefore always important to have an open neurophysiological discourse in neuro (re-) habilitation - let´s go.

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A tip from your mentor ... take with you as much as your memory can take.

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