dysphagia and rehabilitation

Logopaedie meets Dysphagia 


Hello, my name is Christoffer Kern and I am clinical SLT, specialist in the therapy of swallowing disorders in childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

My main focus is on the clinical and ambulant treatment of swallowing disorders. I have experience in intensive stroke and neurological acute stroke units (Stroke Unit), neuroreha, vegetative state and in the non-hospital clinical respiratory units. 

I have completed many diverse training courses on dysphagia, aphasia and neurorehabilitation. I am very proud of the certified degree as Brondo Therapist (NMK after Dr. Juan Brondo) - I thank my mentor very much for the inspiring exchange of ideas.

To my profession, I am a lecturer, speaker and author in the field of dysphagiology and applied neuro (re-) habilitation.

On the basis of my experiences and the examination of evidence and teaching, I developed my own concept for the holistic treatment of swallowing disorders in childhood and adulthood with the focus on creating a clinical and logopedic standard for finding and treating. This is how I currently teach about the concept of "Clinical Therapy of Dysphagia“.

I gained my first steps in speech therapy in the State Examination in Schwerin 2007 (Germany), after that I went to a postgraduate degree in speech therapy in the Netherlands and at the same time worked in the clinic. As a part-time job, I then went to study MSc Neurorehabilitation Research in Austria.

At this point I would like to thank all my mentors who have accompanied me on my way and still will.

A basic element of the actual neurorehabilitation is probably sometimes recognized worldwide, the pioneering work of the married couple Bobath - They coined and developed even then the view of the therapy process.

The following approach should always accompany you - "the patient is never too bad for the therapy, but the therapist is too bad for the patient".