Dysphagia and Rehabilitation 

dysphagia and rehabilitation

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christoffer kern dysphagia swallowing disorders

Expert advice and training to go,
all about swallowing disorders and therapy, with valuable tips from clinical swallowing therapy.

DysphagiaReha offers you a competent and transparent interface between theory, practice and research - a training magnet for the curious.

dysphagia rehabilitation

Expert advice and training to go,
all about swallowing disorders and therapy, with valuable tips from clinical speech therapy.

"Only those who burn themselves can kindle the fire in others" (Augustinus)

...and with us you will get a lot of firewood, because in the professional dark at the patient´s bed ist not good at all ;))

Moin, Moin!

You are looking for more knowledge, more suggestions and more transparency around the topic of swallowing disorders (dysphagia), the findings, the therapeutic processes and the idea of ​​prevention - then you have found what you are looking for.

Get to know many informative and interesting findings about theoretical, practical and scientific concerns about the best possible handling of dysphagia and CO.

The methodical - didactic path of DysphagiaReha does not conceive of a mentor - student speculum, but rather understands itself as a guide and counselor. Because the best knowledge to take one step further is your knowledge!
This allows you to generate a broad range of information for you and derive your decisions from a larger pool of experience.

Get more competences for dealing with dysphagia in your everyday life. Develop a sustainable diversity of action for you and others and become a beacon as orientation for the quality of life and participation.

Ideal for therapists, doctors, nurses, family members, patients and the curious people.

In my opinion, the active insight into prevention is still the best form of rehabilitation. In this sense I wish you a lot of fun here at DysphagiaReha and that many of your questions will find an answer.

With best collegial and kind regards

Your Christoffer Kern